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anoche llovió

milk and eggs

milk and eggs

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shadow play in the inside of a bottle for series NEW

shadow play in the inside of a bottle for series NEW

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architectural details at the Graham Foundation (Dearborn and Goethe)

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The Exquisite ’ Inner Space ’ Architecture of Matthew Simmonds

Hi, my name is Julien Martin, i was born in 1984 in Saint-Tropez, France. I left home when i was 16, travelled for 4 years the country with an italian circus and finally reached Paris in 2004. I got lucky and was accepted at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris because of my “exceptional” talent. Nevertheless i dropped out two years later, missing the feeling of being on the road. I travelled the south of Europe, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Now i am back to Paris and try to live of my art.

” Simmonds makes a play of architecture and ornamentation on a small scale, but the spaces created give the same feeling as in the buildings themselves; a place to rest, a place to travel with the eye and maybe find a moment of tranquillity. The marble is opened up, and inside is a space within a building that only exists in the viewer’s mind. What you sense is the significance of space.” ( Artodyssey )

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but like…..

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Cheap Trick - Don’t be cruel

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left my apartment at eight this morning…got home about fifteen minutes ago

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fog, again

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I don’t know what’s been up with this fog lately, chicago, but please don’t stop

good afternoon, good morning

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