I don’t exactly know if you guys watch movies like I do, but if you don’t here’s a bit of knowledge for you. The screencaps above are from Mike Nichols The Graduate, only, this isn’t to praise Nichols, no, it’s in praise of Haskell Wexler - one of the greatest cinematographers of all time.
The first image is a frame from the final scene in the movie after Ben and Elaine have run away from family, friends, and the place they all grew up in to live happy lives together. During these last few seconds (which also happen to be the beginning of these twos lives together), they seem a little discontent. Wexler placed the two in different window panes on the bus they were on showing how they both had separate lives to live. The next pair of frames are from one of the first scenes, and where Ben’s dad gives him a scuba-suit for his 21st birthday. As you can see, the toy scuba-diver and Ben are placed in almost the same exact spot (the fish tank is also a recurring theme throughout the entirety of the film). The last pair is a frame from the beginning, where Ben comes up to his room and slams the door and you see this dartboard, paired with a frame from the middle of the film after Ben and Mrs. Robinson have started their affair. In the first, the darts are completely off, no single one being even close to hitting center, the second dartboard? Every one of them is spot on.
Something else about this film, it starts and ends with Simon and Garfunkels song, Sound of Silence, with Scarborough Fair and Mrs. Robinson sprinkled intermittently throughout.

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