Hey all! recently, i started doing a thing, and that thing is bookbinding. Although it’s kind of a lengthy process (the smaller books take me two hours to bind, maybe another hour to fold and cut paper, and somewhere around two hours to get the covers done), but it’s really satisfactory.

I don’t draw, nor do I use any media really that would require me to draw, and I think these make great sketchbooks (considering they use unlined paper akin to the weight of standard sketch paper), so I don’t have a lot of use for the books that I’ve made. One of them will be a gift but what to do with the others? 

I figured I could give one away to some stranger on the internet, cause strangers on the internet are great people. I know there are a lot of artists on this vast networking/blogging site, so if you any specific need or you’re dying to have a new sketchbook, send me a message, otherwise I guess….reblog this?? Not quite sure how I want things to work.

Along with giving one away, I’m also selling them because, like I said, its something that I’ve really enjoyed doing, but I don’t have the space to keep them all and I also need to pay for necessary things like supplies (and sometimes food, I guess). They’re all customizable. I can put anything on the covers or inside covers, like if you wanted a red book with a comic book cover inside, I could do that. Or if you wanted to put a love letter or pages of a book on the cover or inside cover, yeah, I could do that too. If you wanted me to teach you how to bookbind, I mean, I guess if you wanted to come to Chicago for a few days…i could technically do that. 

I guess I’ll end this post with the links for buying the books:

  1. Small one (4 1/2x6in)
  2. Big one (9x12in)

And the rules for the…giveaway?

  • Reblog this before April first??
  • Is that a fair thing???

Carry on n____n

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